Paid a school donation?

Claim back 33.3% of your school donations from 2020 to 2024. With our online application its easy, fast and hassle free. We can get your missing receipts from your school for you.

Are all school fees able to be claimed as a donation rebate?

No. Only the ‘donation’ portion of your school fees are eligible. The receipt from your school must show the word "donation" on it.
You can claim a donation tax credit on:

  • school fees
  • state run kindergartens

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As long as they go to the general fund and you have a receipt with the word 'donation' written on it.
You can't claim a donation tax credit on:

  • attendance due fees
  • tuition fees, ie where a separate fee is charged for any course of tuition
  • university, polytech or other tertiary education fees
  • private kindergarten or other early childcare fees

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Does the school pay 33% of the money back?

No. Your school still receives 100% of your donation. Each year the Government allocates an amount for tax credits (rebates) in the Budget. For the 2014/15 year the Government forecast $247m of tax credits.

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Can I claim a rebate on other donation types?

Yes! We process all donation rebate types including donations to registered charities (e.g. Cancer Society, Red Cross, World Vision etc) and donations to religious organisations (your Church). Simply include these amounts with your school donations and provide us with copies of the receipts.

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