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NZ Salary and Wage Earners Tax Law Change Summary

You might have already heard or read that IRD and the Government have passed a law that will allow them to automatically assess all New Zealand Salary and Wage earners. If they feel that they hold the correct information, they will then proceed with issuing a Tax Refund or Tax Bill. This will come into effect from April 2019 and will be in effect for the 2019 Tax year and onwards. Due to the law change – gone are the days of just cherry picking a year, getting a refund and not worrying about if you under paid your tax in any other years, or putting your head in the sand by not declaring everything you are required by law. Because of this change, we are altering the services we offer to become more of a Personal Tax Advisory service to help salary and wage earners in New Zealand by making sure that they are compliant with IRD and have another affordable option for tax matters other than having to contact IRD.

Recent Tax Refunds

Zin from Dunedin got a tax refund of $98.62 5 minutes ago
Catherine from Christchurch got a tax refund of $45.7 13 minutes ago
Nathan from Dunedin got a tax refund of $277.14 17 minutes ago
Stephen from Wellington got a tax refund of $208.18 28 minutes ago