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We are paying out 2017 refunds now. Still haven't checked if you're owed a refund? Apply Now

IRD have started releasing 2017 Tax Refunds yesterday afternoon in batches. We processed the first batch yesterday. As each daily batch is released, we will inform and process each client’s refund. Everyone should have their refunds before the 16th of June (our mid-June target!). You don't need to do anything - just sit back and relax. We have everything sorted and you will hear from us shortly.

Recent Tax Refunds

David from Whangarei got a tax refund of $227.97 5 minutes ago
Ashleigh from Christchurch got a tax refund of $262.8 13 minutes ago
Cheng-Han from Auckland got a tax refund of $177.35 17 minutes ago
Cedric from Wellington got a tax refund of $41.41 28 minutes ago