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Category 2: More information required – Submit to IRD

Category 2: More information required – Submit to IRD IRD requires more information from you. We will check, consult you and then act in your best interests. This will save you time and make sure everything is done correctly. The fee this service will remain the same as prior years. If you have a tax bill – we will make sure that it is correct and if there is anything that can be done to reduce it. We will inform you of why the tax bill occurred and how to stop it happening again. For this there will be a flat fee of only $29 plus GST. There are many factors that can change the outcomes above – our online application will ensure that you are getting the best result either way and that you are compliant with IRD. IRD hold you responsible to make sure you know and have declared everything. If we find that you do not fall into this category, we will inform IRD and get you changed to Category 1 or 3. We will be your point of contact for the year in all tax matters. No waiting on hold for hours with IRD (last year people were on hold for 1 - 2 hours and at times longer) - this year will be worse! A quick email or call to us and it’s sorted, making sure that you are compliant with IRD and have another affordable option for tax matters other than having to personally contact IRD.

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Leonicca from Christchurch got a tax refund of $158.99 5 minutes ago
Tahlia from Kaiapoi got a tax refund of $249.68 13 minutes ago
Tahlia from Kaiapoi got a tax refund of $249.68 17 minutes ago
Trevor from Wellsford got a tax refund of $101.52 28 minutes ago
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