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Coming to New Zealand to work? You'll need an IRD number

Coming to New Zealand to work? You'll need an IRD number Are you visiting New Zealand using a working holiday visa or another temporary work visa? If you answered yes, you’ll need to get an IRD number. An IRD number is an eight or nine digit number unique to you. An IRD number is important since all your tax and personal details are linked to it. There are four steps to apply for an IRD number. We recommend starting these steps as early as possible to make sure you have your IRD number when you start working in New Zealand. Step 1: Get a New Zealand bank account Before you apply for a New Zealand IRD number, you will need to get a New Zealand bank account. You will also need proof from your bank that: you can put money into your account you can take money out of your account your bank account meets laws that help prevent money-laundering. We’ve found that some people aren’t giving us the information we need to be sure their bank account meets legal requirements. If we don’t have the right information, it could take longer than usual to get your IRD number. To help you make sure you have the right information about your bank account, we have created an information sheet you can take to your bank. It has clear instructions about the bank account details you need to submit with your IRD number application. The full title of this information sheet is Documents to confirm your New Zealand bank account is fully functional (IR984). Step 2: Complete the right IRD number application form Since you have a temporary work visa, you’ll need to fill in an IRD number application - non-resident/offshore individual (IR742). Step 3: Collect the other documents you need to hand in with your IRD number application and make copies of them You need to hand in copies of important documents along with your IRD number application form. These help confirm who you are and why you’re in New Zealand. Here is a list of these documents you will need to submit a copy of: your passport information page (the one with your picture and name on it) proof of your current or last address. This proof could be: a bill or statement sent to you at that address or a copy of your overseas driver’s licence (if it has an address on it). your work visa or a job offer to show why you’re in New Zealand proof that your New Zealand bank account meets the rules listed above in step 1. Remember to give the bank the IR984 information sheet to make sure you get the right proof. Step 4: Send your IRD number application form to us You can send us your filled in application and supporting documents by mail/post at the address on the IRD number application form.

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