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Have You Claimed Your $520 NZ Tax Credit?

The NZ Government has just revealed that thousands of New Zealanders have passed up their chance to claim a slice of $68 million.The tax credit has been available to thousands of New Zealanders and is worth up to $520 a year and is soon to be discontinued.Only 32 per cent of those who were eligible for the credit had received it in the year they were eligible. See if you qualify. We are processing 2017 TAX REFUND’S NOW! Apply today to see if you have one waiting for YOU! 7/10 Kiwi Tax Refund clients are getting a 2017 Tax Refund. Top 5 reason's you have a 2017 Tax Refund waiting! 1. Worked for part of the year? 2. Received a lump sum payment (such as a bonus or redundancy)? 3. Had more than one employer during the year? 4. Have expenses to claim? 5. Were entitled to the independent earner tax credit but didn’t claim all of it during the tax year?

Recent Tax Refunds

Tom from Christchurch got a tax refund of $67.44 5 minutes ago
Olivia from Auckland got a tax refund of $87.78 13 minutes ago
Reynold from Acukland got a tax refund of $119.8 17 minutes ago
Emma from Auckland got a tax refund of $59.66 28 minutes ago
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