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School Donations Qualify for Tax Rebate

Did you know that donations over $5 that you have made to your children’s schools are tax deductible with a valid school receipt? Kiwi Tax Refund is here to help you and ensure you receive the tax refund that is waiting for you. Many people are unaware of the possibility of receiving a tax refund by turning in physical school donation receipts. It has been noted that the number of parents filing school donations from 2011-2014 has decreased by more than 28,000 claims. Refunds for school donations have plummeted from $67.2 million to $47.5 million in just the last three years. In 2013, research found that out of 2,433 schools, 1,865 reported a donation figure topping $106.6 million. The donations are still coming in, but the claim for refunds are not matching up. "All parents need to do is send in the signed school donation receipts – either by mail or by scanning and emailing them – and we will take care of the rest – and they can go back four years. If they do not have the receipt, they can simply ask the school for another copy, What can school payments can you claim tax credits on? School fees or State run kindergartens Provided that the donations you’ve made go to the general fund and you have a receipt that has the word 'donation' on it. You can’t claim a donation tax credit on: Attendance due fees Tuition fees, i.e. where a separate fee is charged for any course of tuition. University, Polytech, or other tertiary education fees. Private kindergarten or other early childcare fees; but these can be claimed under the child care/housekeeper tax credit.

Recent Tax Refunds

Melissa from Auckland got a tax refund of $133.04 5 minutes ago
Melissa from Auckland got a tax refund of $133.04 13 minutes ago
Demelza from Christchurch got a tax refund of $114.09 17 minutes ago
Reynold from Acukland got a tax refund of $119.8 28 minutes ago
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