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Working and travelling through NZ? You could be owed your tax back

Travelling through New Zealand isn’t exactly cheap, so it makes sense that so many overseas visitors opt to balance their trip with some work along the way. Luckily in a country as diverse as New Zealand, there are plenty of opportunities to earn some cash as a temporary worker, especially in seasonal jobs at orchards and vineyards, or on ski fields and in hotels. But once you’re done working and travelling through NZ, it’s worth noting that you could be owed your tax back. Yep, it’s not exactly free money considering you did earn it, but a tax refund could just make those memories of living in New Zealand that little bit sweeter. How Working Through NZ Works If you’re planning on working your way through New Zealand, you’ll need to make sure all your paperwork is in order before you look for a job. If you’re not a New Zealand citizen or resident you’ll need a work visa or permit to be able to work. You’ll be eligible for a working holiday visa if you tick the following boxes: You’re from one of the countries on the working holiday agreement list You’re between 18 and 30-years-old (or 35-years-old for select countries) You have enough funds to support yourself while you’re in New Zealand and are able to purchase a return ticket. You’re not bringing dependent children with you You haven’t previously applied for a work permit Depending on your age, citizenship and area of expertise, there may be other options for work visas besides the working holiday visa. The New Zealand immigration website has a handy tool that’ll give you all the possible options. Once you’ve secured your work permit, you’ll also need a bank account, an IRD number and a Tax Code Declaration form (IR330) from your potential employer before you can officially start working. How Do I Claim my Tax Back Once I’ve Left the country? After you’ve finished your time in New Zealand and returned home, there’s a possibility you’ll be eligible for a delicious tax refund. There are a few reasons why you might be owed a refund, such as working under the incorrect tax code and overpaying your taxes. Or perhaps you started working part way through the year, but the IRD assumed you’d been working for a full year, so was overtaxing you. The good news is, if you were overtaxed then you’re totally entitled to get your hard earned cash back. To do this you can file an IR3 tax return when you leave the country permanently, and if you’ve overpaid you’ll get your money back. However, if you’d rather not muck around with trying to fill out an IR3 form and trying to figuring out if you’re entitled to a refund, don’t worry! We can do the hard work for you. Get in touch and we’ll sort it out, and if it turns out you’re not owed a refund, you won’t be charged a cent.

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